Meet our team!

Meet Our Team

Jenny Huynh

Jenny Huynh is patient-focused and ambitious nursing student who specializes in psychiatry, with a passion for learning and growing professionally within a dynamic healthcare environment. She will be graduating in 2018 and is hoping to pursue her master’s to become a nurse practitioner.

Jenny has over 10 years of customer service experience and has been with our company for over 3 years. During her spare time, she enjoys going to the gym as she believes that optimizing your health to the fullest extent is key to maintain and happy and healthy lifestyle.

Caroline Dawid

Caroline decided to pursue a career in Massage Therapy after many years of juggling office work and a yoga practice led her to develop a passion for wellness, alignment, and the human body. She graduated from the Vancouver College of Massage Therapy and uses techniques such as myofascial release, trigger point release, muscle energy technique, joint mobilizations and more, for a wide range of conditions.

Caroline believes that the path to wellness is a partnership between the client and practitioner, and always starts with a thorough interview to ensure patient goals are addressed and individual needs are met through treatment planning, patient education and home care. Whether one suffers from stress, acute injury, or chronic illness, Caroline is passionate about helping each and every one of her clients improve their lifestyle and regain a state of wellness.

Andre Siqueira

Andre Siqueira is a registered physiotherapist who graduated in 2005 from the Federal University of the state of Minas Gerais – Brazil and is also certified in Kinesiology Taping. Andre has extensive experience in both hospital and private-practice settings, treating all types of conditions.

He is currently employed as a physiotherapist with Vancouver Coastal Health (Vancouver General Hospital), and at Synergy Health Clinic and has helped establish both in-patient and out-patient rehabilitation, falls prevention and more.

Kaitlyn Poirier

Kaitlyn Poirier is a driven worker and student who is always looking out for patient’s best interests. With nearly a decade of experience in customer service she has the tools to provide the best service possible. She has worked for Synergy Health as a receptionist and administrator since August 2016. Kaitlyn is currently enrolled in SFU’s professional development program.

She is hoping to become a high school teacher and is scheduled to graduate in December of 2017. She leads an active lifestyle and enjoys yoga, running, and longboarding. In her downtime she turns to reading and video games to unwind.

Emily Jetté

Emily Jetté is a motivated and hard-working person who enjoys interacting with patients and ensures customer service is a top priority. She has almost ten years of customer service experience, and has worked for Synergy Health as a receptionist since October 2017.

She has recently graduated from UBC with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 2017, majoring in Sociology. Emily has strong interests in societal behaviour and constraints, and expects to complete the Human Resource Management program at BCIT in June 2018. In her spare time she enjoys reading and going to the gym.

Max Clarkson

In practice since 2013, registered massage therapist Max Clarkson is dedicated to helping people with musculoskeletal challenges through the provision of massage therapy. Max completed his massage therapy training at Sir Sandford Fleming College in his hometown of Peterborough, Ontario. Focusing on outcome-based massage, whether the condition be chronic pain, a sports-related injury, tension headaches, posture-induced muscular tension, repetitive strains, whiplash or work related stress; therapeutic massage can enhance your overall sense of physical and emotional well-being. Max treats these and other conditions at Synergy Health. Max also provides self-care options to help clients maintain good health between regular treatments.

Max strongly believes that maintenance is the key to prevention and incorporates a variety of techniques and tools into his treatments to help his patients achieve their goals, including superficial fluid techniques, myofascial release, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (to help improve range of motion), trigger point therapy, scar tissue manipulation, joint mobilizations, and hydrotherapy.

Hadi Entezari

Hadi obtained his Bachelor of Science in Physical therapy 2004 and his Masters of Science in Physical Therapy from TMU 2011. Since graduating in 2004, he has branched out into multiple facets of manual therapy. Hadi has a special interest in the treatment of orthopaedic conditions of the spine, SI joint, knee and shoulder.

The bulk of his treatment approach lies in the use of manual therapy, which includes joint Mobilization and Muscle energy techniques. An adjunct to his treatments include active individualized exercise programs, Myofascial release techniques, intramuscular stimulation (IMS), all variable depending on patient presentation.

Hadi enjoys treating injuries in a holistic way. This means he will look beyond a local injury and search for other possible mechanisms throughout the body as cause of injury.

Outside of his passion for physiotherapy, he enjoys playing soccer, staying fit, and exploring the world.

Andreas Chen

Andreas is a graduate from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy and is licensed by the College of Massage Therapist of British Columbia. His interest in health and alternative therapy began with an experience in massage therapy, which successfully fixed a chronic neck and low back problem. After graduating from Simon Fraser University, Andreas worked in different fields and eventually went back to school in order to pursue a full-time education in massage therapy.

Having moved to Vancouver 20 years ago from Taiwan, Andreas is fully fluent, and can provide services both in English and Mandarin.

Mackenzie Liska

Dr. Liska’s first experience with chiropractic was when she injured her knee playing soccer in high school. Her father referred her to his chiropractic clinic, and a chiropractor there helped her get back in the game and back on her horse. He provided excellent in-clinic care, but also showed her what she could do for herself in terms of rehabilitation. This experience started her passion for health care.

After finishing high school, Dr. Liska completed a Bachelor’s degree in Human Kinetics with a specialization in Movement Science, and a Minor in Psychology at the University of Windsor, in Windsor, Ontario. A few months later, she began the Doctor of Chiropractic program at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto, Ontario. After graduating, Dr. Liska packed up her boyfriend and their dogs to move across the country to Vancouver. They’ve always wanted to live here, as they love the landscape and are avid outdoor explorers.

Dr. Liska truly believes in the value of manual therapy, and takes into account all aspects of a patient’s life when determining the best plan of management for them. She uses various forms of soft-tissue therapy, mobilizations and adjustments to treat patients, but she knows that for treatment to be truly successful, it must continue after the patient leaves the clinic. She recommends stretches, exercises and changes to daily activities for each patient to allow them to improve as much as possible.

Thomas Cheng

Mr. Thomas Cheng was born in Qufu in Shandong province, China and graduated from Tianjin Traditional Chinese Medicine School. He used to be the director of World Chinese Medical Union, the adviser for Vancouver Xi An Medical Society and the consultant of Hong Kong Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He has been engaged in curative activities in the army for 14 years in China.

He came to Canada on the invitation from Canada Ministry of Public Health and Canadian Association of Acupuncture in 2000. He has accumulated up to 32 years’ clinical experiences in both China and Canada and published more than 11 scientific papers such as “The Treatment for Cervical Spondylosis – Discussion on Hand-Traction Maneuver”, “Treatment on 54 Cases of Cerebral Apoplexy Sequela”, among which “The Complex Treatment for 360 Cases of Prostatitis by Chinese Traditional Medicine” won the Outstanding Achievement Prize in the 5th World Traditional Chinese Medicine Conference and Hong Kong Zijin Flower Medical Golden Medal.

Moreover, he published over 150 papers such as “The Secrets of Acupuncture”, “The Prevention of Apoplexy by Collateral Channels Treatment”, “The Characteristics and Methods of the Treatment of Tumor by Chinese Medicine”, “The Discrimination of the Tumor Treatment between Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine”, etc.

Elisabeth (Deborah) Robison

Deborah is a graduate from Vancouver College of Massage Therapy who has always had an interest in health sciences and wellness. Equipped with an extensive knowledge of the human body, she is passionate about helping people of all ages with acute and chronic conditions.

She has a special interest in postural education, pain and stress relief, neurological conditions, women’s and pediatric health, therapeutic exercise and rehabilitation.

She customizes a treatment plan based on each individuals needs so that they may achieve and maintain their health goals. Deborah continues to educate herself and develop new techniques to advance her patient care.

In her spare time she enjoys the outdoors, yoga, spending time with loved ones and tapping into her creative side through art.

Evan Moskowec

Evan has always had an interest in working in the health care field helping people. With a previous dream of becoming a paramedic, he switched gears to become a Massage Therapist and could not be happier.

He is a graduate of the Vancouver College of Massage Therapy trained in Swedish massage, trigger point therapy, sports massage, myofascial release, neuromuscular therapy, as well as passive and active stretching. These modalities are used to treat a variety of ailments to help with pain, musculoskeletal dysfunction, and stress.

Growing up in the wilderness of British Columbia he is a firm believer of the benefits of spending quality time in nature. He is passionate about snowboarding, cycling, hiking, traveling, and exercising.

Evan looks forward to working with you to attain your wellness goals.

Miranda Whiteley

Miranda Whiteley graduated from The Vancouver College of Massage Therapy. She is passionate about helping people live and move to their full potential. In addition to being an RMT, Miranda is also a Registered Respiratory Therapist and has experience as a personal trainer.

She draws on her extensive experience when assessing and treating her clients. She treats clients presenting with a wide range of concerns including chronic pain, musculoskeletal injuries, anxiety and stress.

Miranda addresses your main concern by using techniques such as myofascial release, Swedish relaxation massage, trigger point release, gentle joint mobilizations, muscle release techniques, and stretching.

A brief discussion and physical assessment prior to treatment allows Miranda to address your main concern quickly and effectively.


I was medical doctor and Professor of Neurology in Iran for more than 30 years. I have completed 2 years of Acupuncture in PCU College in Vancouver in 2019 and work as Registered Acupuncturist . My main field of experience as Acupuncturist is treatment of headache , joint and tendon and muscle pain and internal disease, insomnia, depression and anxiety. laser acupuncture.


Jessica graduated from the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine & Pharmacology Canada in 2019 . Before she got RMT license, she worked in spa field for long time. She is passionate about helping people of all ages with acute and chronic conditions to improve their wellness.
Jessica has been trained in Swedish, and deep tissue techniques, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, joint mobilizations, Pregnancy massage, hot stone therapy, reflexology, Reiki and also finished Vodder Lymphedema therapy level 1,2,3.
Her treatment consists of posture education, exercise plan, activity modification. Jessica always works together with her patients to achieve a short and long-term goal for treatment. She never stops learning — she strives to continue her study to become a better therapist for her patients. Jessica is able to provide service in English, Mandarin Chinese, and Taiwanese.


Matias arrived to Canada at the age of 12 years old without any English background or knowledge. As the years went by, he decided that as a new immigrant he needed to strive to achieve a post-secondary education. He first became passionate about fitness and well-being by obtaining a fitness and leadership diploma from Hillptop Academy, he then he took various courses in Kinesiology at Langara college, but then he found his true passion, massage therapy.
Matias is a graduate from Vancouver College of Massage Therapy and has been working as a registered massage therapist since 2018.
After completing his graduation exam, and obtaining his license under the College of Massage therapist of British Columbia, Matias has always strived to give his best when it comes to providing care to all of his patients.
Through the years he has learned and trained in different therapeutic modalities such as sports massages, joint mobilizations, Myofascial release, Passive stretching, and also attended courses to provide patients with proper homecare exercises.
Matias strongly believes that all patients matter regardless of the state of their physical condition. All patients should be treated with care, helping everyone to achieve their goals to recovery, and be able to always give his best through the knowledge that he has acquired during the years as a registered massage therapist.


As a graduate of Vancouver College of Massage Therapy in 2014, Arthur has the experience to employ a highly intuitive style of assesment and treatment. Having continued his education post graduation, he can choose from a plethora of massage techniques including the more subtle and gentle, like Fascial Stretch Therapy, and Biodynamic Myofascial Mobilization. He can also apply the more intense styles, like Very Deep MFR, and Active Trigger Point Release.

Arthur’s favourite form of exercise is weight lifting, but he has enjoyed a wide variety of recreation and sports in his life, and will almost certainly have some useful tips for improving performance, AND avoiding injury for your favourite activities!


After working a few months as a bodyworker, I decided to pursue professional massage therapy. I liked massage and due to market demand, schedule flexibility, I decided to invest almost three years of my life to get an education in Vancouver Career College and eventually got my RMT certificate from CMTBC in November 2022.
As an intern student massage therapist, I completed 330 hours of supervised hands-on practice and after registration I have served roughly 300 hours of practice as an entry level RMT.
Becoming a massage therapist was a big change as prior to massage therapy I worked in different fields like oil industry, project management and business owner.I am enjoying the job so far and stopped almost everything else to make time for this Therapeutic massage is what I prefer and would offer in different locations that I am working now.I work in Vancouver, North Vancouver and West Vancouver.
According to college of massage therapists of BC a massage therapist cannot market him/her self for specific type of service but in general massage therapy can help to reduce pain, increase mobility, reduce stress and increase quality of sleep; and that is about what i tell my clients if asked what kind of massage or outcome they should expect. Massage Therapy in BC is limited to body soft tissue and joints only and that is my scope of practice.


Dilek Kacar is practicing as a Physical Therapist at Synergy Health, Vancouver. She completed her Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation at the University of Marmara, Turkey in 2017. She graduated as a high honor student with a degree and worked with many patients at any age who have neurological and orthopedic problems. Her approach is to understand the patient’s conditions that they are in and helping them to achieve their goals. She strongly believes that patients should take an active role in the treatment and cares about the importance of the exercises along with the manual therapy, education and the modalities. She thinks that helping other people and improving their quality of life is the best part of being a physical therapist.

She also cares about the ongoing learning to help her patients. She has attended Soft Tissue Release Course and K-Taping courses to improve her knowledge and skill. She is also interested in seeing pelvic floor patients and will be attending a course because she thinks that it also plays a major role in people’s life.

In her spare time, she plays volleyball, tennis and she loves biking during the summer time. She also loves cooking and trying different foods.

She is fluent in English and Turkish

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