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Support Braces in Vancouver

Support Braces

Improve mobility and function with Support Braces

Custom Made Orthotics in Vancouver


Improve structural and neuromuscular system with Foot Orthotics

Anti-Pain Ointments in Vancouver

Anti-Pain Ointments

Soothing relief for muscle and joint discomfort.

Compression Stocking in Vancouver

Compression Stocking

Increase venous blood flow velocity with Compression Hosiery or Compression Socks.

Kinesio Tape
Kinesio Tape

This special tape is designed to boost circulation, give muscles a helping hand, assist in healing internal injuries, and lower the chances of getting hurt again.

TENS Machines
TENS Machines

The electrical impulses can lessen the pain signals traveling to the spinal cord and brain, potentially easing discomfort and loosening up muscles.

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Our team of professionals will help you maintain awell-balanced body.

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Laser Acupuncture
for People with
Phobia to Needles

Acupuncture Laser Experience 100%
painless treatments at Synergy Clinic.