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Our Team of Professionals Will Help You Maintain a Well-Balanced Body

Our mission is to keep all of our clients happy and satisfied. We have a range of services and products to help accommodate our patients with all their medical needs, and our extensive knowledge of extended health helps us get one step closer to our goal.

Some of our services include:


Please do not hesitate to give us a call or drop by to ask questions and learn more about the clinic and the benefits we can provide. Call now at (604) 706-1202

Payment & Direct Billing

We have direct billing with many of the major health insurance companies. This means that you do not pay our rates in full! Your insurance company will pay us directly and you will only pay your co-payment.
This co-payment varies based on coverage, and you will be told your co-payment at the end of your appointment. If you would like to find out your co-payment before your appointment, you can call us with your extended health insurance information, and we can check your coverage beforehand.

Check Below To See If We Offer Direct Billing With Your Company!

Convenient Insurance Procedures And Billing Options For Our Patients

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Our team of professionals will help you maintain a well-balanced body

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Laser Acupuncture
for People with
Phobia to Needles

Acupuncture Laser Experience 100%
painless treatments at Synergy Clinic.