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What can I expect at my first appointment?
  • When you arrive there will be some forms for you to fill out. We recommend arriving 15 minutes early in order to finish the paperwork before your booked appointment time begins.
  • When your appointment begins you will meet the practitioner you are scheduled with. There will be a short consultation regarding your medical history and what you hope to get out of treatment with us. Your treatment will begin immediately after this conversation.
  • After your appointment, we will discuss your insurance coverage and book you to come in again!
What is direct billing?

See our information on direct billing here

Do I need a doctor's note?

Many insurance policies require a doctor’s note in order for your products to be covered. If you have the time before your appointment to get a note, this could expedite the process of getting your products.

Some insurance companies also require a doctor’s note for services. If you are with Sunlife Financial you will likely need a note for our services.

If you have any other questions about doctor’s notes, feel free to call us at 604-564- 2080.

What is a co-payment?

Your co-payment varies from plan to plan. We will find out your co-payment at your first appointment, or you can give us a call at 604-564-2080 with your insurance information and we will be able to determine yours before you book.

We accept payment by cash, debit, Visa or Mastercard. You can read more here.

How much is a co-payment?

Your copayment varies from plan to plan. We will find out your copayment at your first appointment, or you can give us a call at 604-564-2080 with your insurance information and we will be able to determine yours before you book.

What is a deductible?

Your deductible is the amount you need to pay out of pocket before your insurance policy will cover your expenses. This amount typically needs to be satisfied every calendar year and varies from plan to plan.

You can satisfy your deductible through paramedical services, prescriptions or other health services. We accept payment for deductibles by cash, debit, Visa or Mastercard.

What do I need to bring to my first appointment?

If you have extended health insurance and would like to take advantage of our direct billing options, please bring your insurance policy information with you to the clinic.

We need the policy and ID numbers, as well as the name of the policy holder and their date of birth. Most of this information can be found on the wallet card given to you by your employer or the insurance company.

We will also need your personal information, such as address and personal health number. Please bring the relevant documents to your first appointment.

You can also download our intake forms in advance here.

I don’t have private healthcare. Can I still get products and services?

Yes! You are always welcome to visit our clinic. For patients who only have BC MSP (provincial healthcare) we require payment up front. We do not deal with MSP directly, so if you are interested in claiming to the government you will need to contact the BC MSP helpline.

How many appointments will I need?
Your practitioner will recommend continuing treatments at your first appointment. Our team will then help you maximize your benefits and find the best treatment solutions for you.
Do you have designated parking?

We do not have our own lot. Street parking along Kinsgway is readily available and is free for up to 2 hours. There is also a paid parking lot next to Kingsway Brake and Muffler.

What Happens if I am covered by more than one extended healthcare policy?

The process for multiple insurance companies follows the same process as a single insurance policy. We will file the claims on your behalf, starting with your primary insurance coverage and then moving on to secondary. It is likely that you will not have a co-payment if you have two or more policies!

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