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    Massage Therapy Vancouver

    Massage Therapy involves the manipulation of muscles and joints to promote healing, relaxation and well-being. Massage involves working and acting on the body with pressure, tension, motion, or vibration. This is done manually or with mechanical aids.

    Target tissues may include muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia, skin, joints, or other connective tissue, as well as lymphatic vessels, or organs of the gastrointestinal system.

    Massage Therapy is especially useful in treating the following conditions:


    • Stress

    • Sore muscles and joints

    • Arthritis

    • Discomfort associated with pregnancy

    • Stress Relief

    • TMJ / Jaw pain


     • Headaches and migraines

    • Tendonitis

    • Motor Vehicle Accident recovery

    • Sports injuries

    • Post-surgical rehabilitation

    • Respiratory and Circulatory disorders

    What To Expect During Massage Therapy

    There is no special preparation before undergoing massage therapy – anybody can book a session. Prior to the session, our massage therapist will inquire about your general health and medical history, specific health concerns, allergies, pain points or injuries. You will then be suggested a suitable massage as per your health profile.
    All the relevant information related to the massage will be shared with you in detail. The information includes massage type, any equipment used, personnel involved and the advantages.
    A typical massage therapy session lasts around 30 to 60 minutes. Clients are given sanitized and fresh loose-fitting clothing. You can choose to lie on a dedicated massage table or a relaxing chair. The massage therapist conducts therapy as per the pain areas in the body and apply suitable pressure. Clients can also choose to include hot oil or lotion in the massage.
    During the massage, the client may experience mild pain as the therapist works on the stiff muscles. If the pressure applied by the therapist induces excessive pain, do speak up. Once finished, the client is left alone to relax for a few moments before finishing the session. Once you reach home, we encourage you to take a hot water bath.
    At Synergy Health Group Vancouver, we ensure that you experience the true healing benefits of massage therapy, no matter which massage you choose.

    Reasons Why You Should Choose Massage Therapy

    Lower Stress

    There’s nothing better than a rejuvenating day spent at your favourite spa. Full massage therapy melts away your daily routine worries and relaxes muscles. Regular sessions improve peace of mind since the body is relaxed and manages stress better.

    Improve Blood Circulation

    Relaxed muscles improve the body’s blood flow. Regulated blood pressure brings in many positive bodily changes. Also, fatigue is are reduced since massage helps maintain optimum blood pressure.

    Alleviate Pain

    Massage session is ideal to treat chronic ailments like neck pain, lower backache, and muscle stiffness. A trained massage therapist knows the right pressure points in the body to treat long-term pain. Also, a continuous massage routine can significantly decrease long-term injury pain.

    Eliminate Toxins

    Toxins enter bloodstream due to the present-day stagnant and lethargic lifestyle. Soft tissues are stimulated when a massage therapist performs a thorough deep tissue massage. It releases harmful toxins which are then secreted from blood and lymphatic systems.

    Enhances Flexibility

    Lethargic lifestyle and monotonous daily routine make the muscles stiff. A soothing session loosens the stiff muscles, improves joint movement, and enhances general kinetic movements. A hot oil massage further boosts joint mobility, especially in older clients.

    Better Sleep

    When the muscles and mind are both relaxed, you are bound to experience a fantastic sleep. Your body will thank you for this as sleeping becomes a relaxing and refreshing experience. Massage promotes healthy sleep cycle, ensuring that you wake up fully fresh the next day.

    Improves Immunity

    Massage therapy stimulates lymph nodes. It is directly related to the body’s immune system, which aids in the fight against infections and diseases.

    Helps with Reducing Depression

    Massage therapy, when followed regularly, aids in releasing feel-good endorphins in the bloodstream. These are natural chemicals generated in the body that help reduce depression and lower anxiety. You will feel more energized and relaxed to carry out your daily responsibilities.

    Our rate for Registered Massage Therapy in Vancouver is $115 per 60 minute session. We offer direct billing with many insurance companies, for more information see our FAQ on direct billing or give us a call at 604-564- 2080.