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Foot Orthotics

Improve structural and neuromuscular system

Orthotics are a custom made insert to go inside a shoe. There are many variations of orthotics to fit individual needs and they are custom fit for your feet and style! Orthotics are used to correct many different body misalignments. They help support joints, and muscles due to pre-existing health concerns. They can also support ligaments and tendons after sports injuries.


They also have many benefits for foot pronation, posture, and overall comfort. Our orthotics are cast in semi-weight bearing foam by our physiotherapist or chiropractor and then sent to our lab to be manufactured.

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Compression Hoisery

Increase venous blood flow velocity

Compression hosiery, also known as compression stockings or compression socks, are socks that compress your legs to improve vascular flow to the lower limbs and feet. They can improve symptoms related to diabetes, varicose veins, leg swelling, and even prevent blood clots!


We offer compression socks in a variety of sizes, colours, and heights; including, knee high, thigh high and full panty hose.

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TENS Machines

Trans-cutaneous electrical nerve stimulation

TENS machines, otherwise known as trans-cutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, use electrical current to stimulate nerves and promote healing. They can be extremely effective in managing chronic pain!


We offer TENS machines for the purpose of pain relief between treatments and faster healing. We offer both in wall units and battery operated units.

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Support Braces

Improve mobility and function

Braces are used to support and aid the functioning of the neuromuscular and skeletal systems. They can help to prevent injuries, as well as to support the recovery of existing injuries.


They are available for many joints, including ankles, wrists, knees, and elbows, and other types such as back braces. Our therapists are here to help you determine what brace is best for you!

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Kinesio Tape

Supporting and stabilizing joints and muscles

Kinesio Tape is designed to support muscles and joints during movement. It is lightweight, hypoallergenic, and non-restrictive. It is breathable and water resistant so it can be worn during exercise and will not limit activities or range of motion!


Our therapists can educate you on effective use of Kinesio tape and may even recommend it as part of your treatment.

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